Blood and Oil

Someone’s bed lies empty tonight,

A man has been denied his peace and rights.

The soil soiled red with blood.

Victims gasps for air rewarded with lungs filled with soot .

Someone’s bed lies empty tonight.

The food on the dinner table remains untouched.

On the ground lies the battered remains of a father and beloved husband.

Plunged with death’s strife!

Tragedy dances to the cathartic tune of the masses.

Heaps of bodies found and piled.

Someone’s bed lies empty tonight.

A child wails for its mother with might.

A man awaits the love of his life.

Fear grips his heart as he watches the Telly.

Doomsday hits the household rarely.

The trail of fire mirrored in his eyes.

That of flames running wild.

Creating a domino effect so vile.

Someone’s bed lies empty tonight .

Children lay lifeless under the moonlight.

Their souls ascend to heaven as they watch;

The fire burn brighter.

The camera flickers grow louder and louder.

There goes the smoke in the sky.

Up and up it goes.

I wonder if it carries within the ill- numbered souls.

Graves are dug and hymns are sung.

People look up to God above.

But they forget that faith without work is dead.

And together the earth that covers it goes the masses inane attention .

Grief rules the day.

But all is forgotten the next.

The sky has been stained with wrought of ignorance and corruption again.

But the masses attention slowly evaporates until the tragic wind blows again.

Someone’s bed lies empty tonight.

Someone’s tanker spilled blood tonight .

And tomorrow another might!

This poem was written in memory of those beautiful souls lost in the unfortunate oil-tanker accident that happened on otedola bridge in Lagos Nigeria. I pray your souls rest in perfect peace♥️.

Love Princess Orumade.

11 thoughts on “Blood and Oil”

  1. Yes! Faith without work is dead. Speeches without actions are nothing! Dissent on our part, without resistance wouldn’t change a thing. We should speak against these issues because we deserve better. We spill the beans so no more blood is spilled!

    This is an amazing piece, girlie. Good Job!

  2. Princess you truly are gifted. I felt the anger, sadness,fear and loss of this piece. I pray for our country and most especially us. May we not lose anyone to such tragedy.

  3. This poem really juggled with my emotions, I felt every sadness and pain from each stanza
    ‘we all look up to God, but we forget faith without work is dead’ we really need a wake up call, let’s hold ourselves accountable sometimes instead of calling on God when we haven’t done the right thing…
    ‘grief rules the day, but all is forgotten the next ‘ no truer words than that …

    I really loved reading this, good job

  4. Firstly the name is so catchy and the wordings are bitter deep words. Nice one princess 💜.
    RIP to those victims

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