This was set up as platform to share eccentric views and perspective about certain issues and unraveled topics. These topics may revolve about society, fashion, music, drama and perhaps politics

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Have you ever looked at the sky and watch the clouds constellate a picture or an image in your head? or have you ever laid in bed in the dark looking at your ceiling and all of a sudden, objects start turning into shapes that could frighten you back to sleep. Well as the weird child I have always been, most of the time instead just ignoring the stories the cloud or stars are trying to tell me, I give them my full attention and drown them in words. instead of being frightened of the monster my ceiling fan is turning into in the dark, I give it a name, and a background story. it is quite amusing right? Life itself is a monument of stories. The sad truth, the beautiful lie, the ugly roots, the soulful? we are all entwined together in our own webs weaved by our thoughts and actions and of course other variants come  into play sporadically. I hope my words help spark an inspiration out there...


Princess Orumade

Founder & CEO

I aspire to be part of a better change in the world

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