Guilty Pleasures🌑

I know..I know..I haven’t been consistent with my blog posts and I’m really sorry!! School has really been a hassle these past few weeks but I promise to try improve on my consistency .

Unlike my previous post, This short piece is what falz would call ‘something light’ .

So a couple of months ago I decided to binge watch Glee and they did an episode on guilty pleasures and well it really got me thinking “hmm what’s my guilty pleasure?” Hence; this silly write up haha.

For the sake of miscellaneous lexicon; Guilty pleasures have a variety of meaning. My dictionary basically sees it as an action or something such as a film, tv programme that one enjoys despite the feeling that it is not held in high regard.

It is something you find pleasurable but with a tinge of guilt induced because you could be slightly embarrassed if people found out about it. Guilty pleasures varies. It could be in respect to food, Tv, social interaction and circles, music and even a person!!!!

A few celebrities have shared their guilty pleasures; Sia revealed in a VH1 interview that she loves reality tv shows especially when they are about hip hop.

Katy Perry has spoken about her undying love for mushrooms.

This one is probably going to shake some tables but one of my biggest is celebrity crushes (You open up my heart right now! You’ll see Jidenna looking right back at you) I just can’t help it!

A lot of people who know me personally might kill me for this one. You know that scenario where you’ve made plans to go out with somebody and last minute your bed starts to feel warm and all snuggly and all of a sudden you call a rain check on it just because you’ve got to visit dreamland? Yup…that’s me and my apologies to everybody I’ve slied because of this.

Nobody knows about this one but when I’m stuck on something especially when I’m trying to understand it indeptly let’s take for example; Cultural Appropriation. There’s this funny thing I do after I finish my research. I spot somebody adequately informed, find out their stance on the matter, pick an exact opposite side and start a light argument (sometimes it doesn’t end so well because people can be a little bit aggressive sometimes ) the irony here is I don’t start the argument to “prove a point” instead i try to understand other views or perspectives as regards it and what better way to do so than ask questions??

My other guilty pleasures may include stalking, pretending to do a music video whenever I have my earphones plugged in, binge watching old sitcoms and series e.t.c . How about you? What are your guilty pleasures? Are you courageous enough to share? Please grace the comment section!!!!✨✨

21 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures🌑”

  1. I like your honesty in this piece 👏
    I’d say my guilty pleasure would be listening to or having mostly old songs on my phone ☺

  2. I love the dark!… if its just me alone in my house, i enjoy it more when its all dark without the lights on.

    I dont know but the dark fascinates me.

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