The Well Of Werey

Water is such a beautiful phenomenon yet, the very concept of it is formidable and unnerving. When God wiped out the earth he choose water as his weapon and gifted us the rainbow as a sign of his promise to never use that again. I think we can all agree that “Water is Life”. It is woven into the very fabric of our bodies and world. Sixty percent of our bodies contain water and the same goes for about seventy-one percent of the earth’s surface. It is key and preeminent for our survival. My favorite facet about water is its ability to transform but still retain its authenticity. It has this beautiful way of blending. When you increase the temperature, it boils. When you turn it down, it gets  icy. Now there’s an interesting theory called “The Memory Of Water” by the Late Jacques Benveniste. I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details but its summary simply states that water has the ability to retain a memory of substance previously dissolved in it. It allegedly birthed another theory that it is possible that 4 cups out of the recommended 8 cups of water a day have had one point in time been dinosaur pee.

Don’t freak out yet, I’m sure you are wondering “where is she going with this?”. By default, I’m a folklore fanatic and there’s this myth that caught my attention that I thought to share with you. A long time ago in a strange land lived an orthodox community of people with quirky ways. This uncanny town lived in peace and was prosperous because their leaders were known to be very clever. Their biggest secret was a treasure hidden in plain sight right at the center of the village. It was a well filled with water known to open man’s third eye and even grant wishes. One day the town was invaded and war broke loose. The people of the town were tortured and massacred. What was left of them decided to hide in the well and pray to the gods for protection. The first few days were filled with prayers and hope but soon enough they started to starve and lose their minds having stayed in their filth for a couple of days. Out of frustration, they cursed the well. It is said that the invaders never found the well and believed that the prayers of the survivors caused the well to migrate for centuries. Allegedly whoever drank of this cursed well passed on a genetic code to their offsprings causing them to act out and misbehave once in a while. Rumors have it that the genetic code is more active in the male species especially in their relationship with their female counterparts. That well is known today as “The Well Of Werey”

Now remember, it’s only a myth but it does have an iota of verity in it. Think about it. Ninety-nine percent of rape cases are committed by men. Eighty six percent of domestic violence incidents resulting in physical injuries are by men. Eighty percent of stalkers are men. What’s more scary is you could literally be friends with or be romantically involved with a psychopath and not even know it. This alleged gene could even be depicted in subtle actions like playing with peoples feelings, having the audacity to talk down on a woman’s body in regards to their inane preference, acting nice at first then switching up to show their true colors, hitting & emotionally abusing women, creating a god complex in their head and actually expecting to reify it, cheating on their significant other with others, and so on. If you’ve come across these kind of men. They probably have the “Werey gene” or probably drank from the well itself. If this myth is even remotely true, I believe water reacts to its environment it is what you treat & feed it. We all have an iota of “werey” and only we, to be honest have the power to wield and control it.

I know this isn’t a typical Valentine’s Day piece but as we endeavor to celebrate the sacrifice of St Valentine of Terni who died for his belief in the superiority of love. Stay safe,don’t forget to wear your masks and never hesitate to show kindness or share love when you can.

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