I know what you are thinking. Here goes another participant who appears to be trying to shoot her shot late as the trend appears to be almost outdated but no this isn’t another "tryout" for the challenge. This is my view on what I think Nigeria is. Now before I start with what it is, let us take a little walk down memory lane and see what it was. It’s no news that Nigeria was just a mass of land with heterogeneous constituencies. Each group of people with different culture and traditions. Living and governing their people the way they saw fit. We didn’t even know we were Nigerians until the white man put the nametag on us. Nigeria was ruled by the colonialists for over 100 years but I won’t bore you with the details of the colonial era because it’s only a preamble to Nigeria’s true story. Nigeria became a republic in the year 1963, that means to say she became fully independent of her colonial masters. At the time of the oil boom, Nigeria was seen as the giant of Africa. We are talking about a country whose major problem was how to spend its money and not how to make it, which if we are being true to ourselves is one of the biggest issues with Nigeria today because there is money in Nigeria for certain but what really bothers me is where and how it is circulated. I could name a thousand things wrong with Nigeria. I could talk about the debts, the corruption, the issue of electricity shortage, the nepotism and tribalism, the poverty, the impoverished educational system or the fact that we consume way much more than we produce. We could take a short stroll down the isle of the cases of the kidnap of the chibok girls, the oil tanker accident, the Fulani herdsmen episode. I could go on and on about our corrupt leaders and their still born promises, the ill funded government parastatals, bad roads, shortage of power and what not. but that would be a common Nigerian cliché wouldn't it? Complaining... its a natural gift we Nigerians utilize the most.

If you ask me I see Nigeria as an adolescent with bad parenting. As we all know in life there are good and horrible times and I think what Nigerians need to understand is that we are going through one of those bad times now due to bad parenting skills by the government. I asked a couple of people I know (and by a couple I mean a lot). I looked them right in the eye and asked them: what is your Nigerian dream? and they looked right back at me and well they said "My Nigerian dream is to leave this country" I won't lie to you, getting answers like this from people around my age group was quite devastating because we are often referred to as the "leaders of tomorrow".

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with travelling or wanting to leave the country. I love travelling but what bothers me and inspired this post is what if everyone could afford leaving the country, would you really leave? and if you do who is going to stay to fix the problem. We keep comparing our country with developed ones like the US and the UK but we forget they didn't build their country in one day and they certainly didn't build it by running away from it once there were difficulties. Fine! the grass may be greener on the other side but the truth is it is greener where you water it. A wise friend of mine once said what Nigeria truly needs is a system that works. Nigerians are naturally intelligent and innovative. Most of the time people leave the country because they feel their skill won't be given enough platform to be valued. It's sad because this is also true

Nigeria would always be home. No matter how far you run from it or deny it. the real question here is 10- 25 years from now do you want to keep going about it like this? or do you want to be proud of it? do you want boast about it to foreigners? open it to tourists? then start doing something to help anyway that you can. don't just pray, faith without work is dead, don't use religion to cover up the blinding flaws of the governmental system, don't make excuses, stop trying to apportion blames. We always talk about corruption in the government but we forget corruption is in our roots. I saw a funny tweet that said : beat a child and offer him candy later, then ask him who made him cry you would be shocked at who he'd be pointing his finger towards and that's how corruption started. The literal sense surrounding this tweet made me realize the depth of corrupt roots in this country.

Nigeria is not just a mass of land. Nigeria is the people. Imagine a country where the wisdom of the elders are combined with the energy of the youths to provide better solutions. Imagine a country with a better economic and educational system. Imagine a country with stable power supply and good roads. Imagine a country without the money laundering and corruption. Do you recognize it to be Nigeria? I know it is achievable with the right people on board. But first... What is your Nigerian dream?

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  1. Amazing….. certainly not the everyday corruption complaint reads…. definitely inspiring , got me thinking about what exactly I want in my country and can do to make it my dream country

  2. Oh well… you’ve said nothing but the truth in this piece and I like that, but to achieve the Nigerian dream won’t be easy at all so I don’t blame those wanting to leave cus I know I’m one of them , but yes I’d love to see a better Nigeria one day….

  3. Healthcare. Simply put.

    I dream of a country with adequate healthcare. Where our people even our leaders don’t have to fly to foreign countries multiple times a year for treatment. Where more attention is paid to doctors, nurses, other health workers and patients. The state of government and teaching hospitals are a huge shame.

    There you have it..just better healthcare…oh and one more thing…free WiFi.

  4. There’s a book I’m reading right now. Title is Why Nations Fail. -Daron Acemoglu& James A. Robinson. Read it if you can

  5. This is a motivational speech we’ve heard over and over and again but sadly it’ll never happen.
    Nigeria- as we know it, will never get better. As long as we’re divided into tribes. As long as we have a whole lot of intentionally uneducated people. As long as these systems are in place and these people who are leading us are the ones to bring us up, (literally, in the family sense of things and literarily in other aspects, politics, thought and all) these things will always be. Because they rule us and teach us how we should rule. The next set of leaders are the nigerians you see on the streets being corrupt at every possible small thing.

    So no, it’s a sad reality but Nigeria will never be better. (Maybe except everyone 19 and above dies in an instant and the country is left with people who live in another reality of what a country should be like as they see examples from other parts of the world). And i don’t see that happening soon.

    So my nigerian dream is to leave the country. because it’ll only get worse. because we’re still religious people who think protest is sin and explain everything away in the name of god.

    🇨🇦 ✌🏾

  6. Mad mad👏🏽. You actually have sense lmao
    My Nigerian Dream is first to have stable power supply which appaz is the quickest route to progressing because nothing can actually be done without it and then you spend so much on petrol and all. There’s no developed country without stable power supply I mean that’s where we should actually start from but we’re begging for it sigh

    My main Dream sha is for Nigeria to win the World Cup idc tbh😂😂😂😂😂

  7. My Nigeria dream is a country that works in the literal sense. You pay tax, you see results. You. Where we all act as effective team player and not slackers or people watching.

  8. Good writeup princess.
    The Nigeria of my dream is an egaliterian society where everyone is given equal opportunity for self realisation. Where justice, peace and unity is supreme.

  9. When I saw this post, it got me really thinking about what my Nigerian dream was. It is like you said, we have lost hope in this country and complaining seems to be the only outlet. It suddenly dawned on me that we have let our country’s situation get the best of us but we really need to wake up!
    My Nigerian dream is for us to have a country in which every sector is up to par and functions in harmony to increase the standard of living of its people. A country in which various age groups work as functional units towards its betterment. A country that generations to come can proudly represent anywhere in the world.
    This dream starts with me.

  10. The first time I really thought about Nigeria’s current quagmire, I knee my option was not running away. The fact is by running we leave the evils behind to keep doing what they do: multiply. The firm way to solve this wahala is to sit down, think about it, talk about it (Like beautiful Orumade) and not just stop there, start developing an “I can make a difference mindset” C’mon wasn’t it Late Justice Kutigi that refused a 200 mil naira bribe to influence a post election court ruling? Wasn’t he a “smart Nigerian?” Did Dele Giwa, or Azikiwe run away? It’s not all sweet talk. My Nigerian Dream is to be someone’s dream someday, not for 30 billion in the account, but because I gave him hope for a good future. Abeg let’s go and keep making sense as Nigerians.

  11. This is a lovely piece… Every country has its downfalls
    But over here the Bad parenting Keeps getting worse as the days pass… Every body wants the lifestyle irrespective of the means
    Just take a look around you
    We are in trouble and everyone would rather pay attention to idiots like speed darlington and Dr speech…

  12. I dream of a Great Nigeria suitable not for me but for my children and their children
    We can still make a difference
    Keep up the work

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