What Is Life Really?

If we die young, are we forever young?

If we wander, are we forever lost?

What is life really?

What do our lives cost?

A few lies and theatrics?

A couple of coughs & a sneeze?

A camouflage of dirt and old tricks?

The streets bleed, anger breeds

With all the lives lost, still no sign of remorse

Just abuse of power and sweet bitter laughter thrown in our faces.

We’re going to be okay” but are we?

What is life really?

If 1+1 doesn’t equal 2.

If the fact that our lives are just a joke to them is true.

Streaks of red sprints across the soil soaking the ground as dreamers light their halos.

Amidst the chaos of illegitimate bullets flying in the air.

Shot by the people sworn to protect us.

Our sons & daughters killed for looking like fancy lots.

What is life really?

If being raped is considered a favor.

And the labor of our heroes past was an illusion.

The delusion that they are for and by the people.

The mental hysteria watching your loved one being shot.




Treated like an animal!

Dying slowly and painfully in a hospital with no power supply

And an ill number of staff…the derision!

Oh but I digress, still reminiscing on the duress we call our reality.

Our leaders with their stillborn promises and comatose actions

Shield themselves from our livid reactions to their theft and inadequacies

Stealing crumbs from the mouth of the unprivileged yet they say we are the ones on crack.

Even when we try to swerve through the cracks of the whack system they created for us, we’re called lazy by a man who would rather travel blog than do his damn job.

Somebody’s bed lies empty tonight.


Oh my dear what is life really?

If to speak up in a democracy is deemed crazy.


This has been in my drafts for months now. I have been a little bit hesitant with posting because every piece in my drafts seem unfinished. Like my words aren’t enough the convey the pain & emotional rollercoaster this year has been. Unfinished… I chose to post this piece unfinished because I want to believe that this isn’t the end, maybe the suspense. You know, the part of the story where the plot thickens and we get some twists?

I dedicate this piece to the lives lost during the “End SARS” protest. We will never forget your legacy. I would call it a sacrifice if it were not plain stone-cold murder. Our government failed us, we as a system failed by underestimating them. I wish your lives didn’t have to be taken before the world listened but I do hope you’re in a better place with halos over your heads. I hope your families heal & find peace. In the mean time the story is not over. It remains….





2 thoughts on “What Is Life Really?”

  1. Well said 👏🏽👏🏽 It’s truly sad that this is our reality in this country. Nothing can ever justify the killings of those brave youths, yet the government acts like it was a normal thing that happened.
    I just hope we’re all alive to see the Nigeria we want, the one we’re fighting for.
    This year has been a lot.

  2. So true. You just spoke the mind of most Nigerian. “which way Nigeria? Which way to go?”
    Will there ever be New Nigeria and New Nigerians? Time will tell.

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